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We can depower dastardly multinational corporations and pick non-poisonous produce by supporting local enterprises in their ethical endeavours, . A local organic box scheme will deliver innocuous, un-nocxious, altruistic agroecology to your door or community.


Source safe and salubrious fruits and vegetables reared and reaped by local people on home soil in keeping with the natural cycles and devices of the planet, to reduce the impact of your diet and supermarket decisions. 

I opt for a monthly organic bag from Local Greens, a local coalition of three mothers who had enough of feeding their children foods poured in pesticides, and so began to form networks with local farmers. They lovingly collect vegetables from within in a 40 mile vicinity of South London, and deliver them to the communities by electric car - which I pick up on Thursdays from my local stop outside Hootenanny's in Brixton. The joy is learning what the hell the nobbly, nutritious reams of rooted objects actually are, and experimenting with delicious organic meals throughout the week.

The Food Assembly


The Food Assembly is nationwide! Groups of amazing people growing locally and selling at markets nearby. Use this search to join and find your local assembly. 

Soil Association organic search

Or, delivered to your door. This search can help you find your local organic box scheme. However, my provider Local Greens isn't listed, so also think of using a search engine to find more options.

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