How Hemp Can Save the World

As we face the encroaching ecological collapse, it is increasingly clear that the world has to make radical, almost unimaginable changes to the infrastructure of finance, food, fabrics and fuel. Whether climate science is right or wrong, right or left, the focus needs to be on finding solutions - and the entire economy needs remastering simply to regenerate the soil, earth and air. Otherwise, we'll become extinct. 




In medieval history, it was illegal not to grow hemp. There was a lawful mandate for growing hemp to create ropes, sails and nets to expand the empire.  If you had land - you had to grow it.

L I C E N C I N G 


Today, it is not easy to legally grow hemp. Ludicrously, applications must be made to the Drugs and Firearms Licensing Unit. It is much easier to get a license for hemp fibre and seed, which are used industrially and commercially for things like hempcrete (incredibly ecologically-friendly hemp concrete) and for food and nutrition. But only a small handful of medicinal licenses have been granted for the hemp leaf and bud which contains the incredible therapeutic world of cannabinoids, and the healing products are still


Requests for information on the subject of hemp licenses are blocked by the Home Office, which confirm the shadowy nature of the government licensing of this miracle plant for health. Shockingly, the giant pharmaceutical company which is muscling out small hemp farmers and which provides 2 of the few cannabis products on the market is GW Pharmaceuticals - a company of interest to recent tory government leader Theresa May whose husband is a big investor. 




 Hemp is a miracle plant that can be used for thousands and thousands of things more effectively and ecologically than any alternatives out there. It challenges every industry from the fossil fuel industry, automobiles, fabrics, clothing, accessories, construction, housing, metals, health, nutrition cancer treatment and beyond. The list is almost endless. Which is the reason why hemp is so heavily restricted around the world. Hemp is so insanely useful, diverse and efficient. It can be used for thousands and  


This plant wants to help heal the world, it regenerates soil, cleans the air, doesn't pollute water, and fits in our bodies for an endless array of immunities from diseases and conditions. 


🌿 Hemp grows ridiculously quickly, maturing in 3-4 months

🌿 Hemp grows without any pesticides or fungicides at all

🌿 Hemp efficiently produces 4 times more  pulp than trees

🌿 Hemp regenerates soil, actually absorbing pollution and toxins

🌿 Hemp seeds are some of the most nutritious on Earth

🌿 Hemp is cannabis, 200+ cannabinoids heal just about everything

🌿 Hemp is 7 times lighter than concrete and 10 times stronger than steel

🌿 Hemp concrete breathes, preventing indoor humidity

🌿 Hemp sucks more carbon out of the air than most other plants

I live at Hempen workers cooperative which produces an array of food and health hemp supplements, and which recently struggled with licensing and had to cut down acres and acres of beautiful, healthy hemp plants. Please sign this petition to provoke a new approach to hemp licensing to free this plant up for the good of people and planet.



This article is written independently of Hempen, which does not make any health claims about the uses of cannabinoids and CBD. 



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