The First Self-righteous Step to Sustainability: An Eco Toothbrush!

I think the first element to achieve in securing a more sustainable routine, is to nail it early. Literally, get in on it early in the morning. Best foot forward, the early bird catches the worm!


First thing's first: get a bamboo toothbrush.


Feel self-righteously validated when brushing your teeth with something so rustic looking when appearing in front of others....


It's probably the first step toward becoming a full blown crusty, climate saving hippie. Getting rid of the daily plastic handle of conventional toothbrushes. It never occurred to me before my first plastic-free month in 2015, but plastic toothbrushes are ridiculous really given that we're advised to change them every three months. I lived in an eco-commune in India for a while, and there were bags and bags full of old toothbrushes from old volunteers. I was completely flabbergasted. 


They say we go through 3.5 billion toothbrushes a year. So using a more sustainable, less polluting material like bamboo is a no brainer.

🎋 Bamboo can grow up to 90cm in a day! 

🎋 It releases over 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to an equivalent mass of trees.

🎋 Bamboo grows anywhere, in all climate zones and soils

🎋 AND it requires no chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers to thrive.

🎋 Bamboo has more tensile (resistance) strength than steel, and withstands compression better than concrete. 

🎋 It has anti-bacterial qualities, eliminating 70 per cent of bacteria that grows on it.  

🎋 It's surface is crazy porous so it absorbs odour when used in clothing.



Right, so all bamboo toothbrush bristles are made of plastic. Go for BPA free, a chemical used in cheap plastic production that causes dangerous health impacts. 


The plastic in most toothbrushes tends to be Nylon 6 (some say Nylon 4, a biodegradable alternative, but they are usually not telling the truth). 


The other option is using pig hair, well boars to be more precise. And that seems like a strange sustainable solution to me as the bamboo is heavily lauded as panda, vegan friendly! Screw the pandas, oh poor pigs... Though apparently the hair is a by product of the Chinese pork industry? Still, it's not for me.





I have been using a toothbrush bought from the awesome and lovely lady who runs I like her vibe.


But Humble toothbrushes started by a Swedish dentist give to a Foundation that supports oral health for disadvantaged school children all around the world. God I love being a crusty hippy. Everyone is so damn nice! 





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