The high profile publicity of the meat industry

October 3, 2018

Recently, the sensational but straight-talking, voraciously vegan-promotional documentary Cowspiracy began a battle with Greenpeace over their work regarding livestock and meat. They accused big non-governmental organisations of not doing enough high profile campaigning to discourage meat-eating. They alleged that big organisations stay silent on the issue because of lobbying from the meat industry itself.


Personally I do support the ideals and approach of Cowspiracy for its stark, sustainability truths, however I think this particular accusation is a bit of an unhelpful leap. Because almost everyone everywhere is now in acceptance that less to no meat is very good. 


I think Kip Andersen, maker of Cowspiracy, would prefer Greenpeace to make meat eating one of their main campaigns. But they have their work cut out for them across Food, Forests, Oceans, Health, Coal, Oil and Renewables etc.


And to be fair, it's only ever really rambunctious, focused groups that shout and scream from the rooftops - and organisations like Viva and Peta task themselves nicely with unveiling the grizzly details in their hard hitting campaign styles which is both important and relevant, but obviously unlikely to rally as much support as multi-faceted organisations trying to appeal to the masses. 




Other Big Bods Bashing Meat 


I stumbled across this WorldWatch Institute article on meat. WorldWatch Institue is a massive global institute that works on shifting society from consumption to sustainability, stimulating a new approach and economy for an eco-friendly future. The article boldly criticizes the wastefulness of the meat industry, highlighting the massive amounts of land and water, grain and antibiotics used on the billions of cows, and also encourages a more vegetarian diet.


But what was most notable was their super massive list of high-profile partners all supporting their words: 

  • UN Population Fund 

  • The World Bank 

  • The International Finance Corporation 

  • The United Nations Foundation 

  • The German government's Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation & Nuclear Safety

  • The Wallace Global Fund (gave away over $5 billion last year) 

  • The intergovernmental International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 

  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (from the founder of Hewlett Packard devices) 

So, I just felt like reasserting that there are huge players all round the world also advocating vegetarian and vegan diets and communicating the massive impact of livestock, meat and dairy industries. But it's ultimately up to people to change their behaviours, despite what anyone says. 





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