the problem

the problem

Plastic Everywhere...

8 million tonnes of plastic pollute our oceans every year. And the probelm gets worse as population grows. We produced more plastic this decade han in the entire last century; today the 7 billion people on our planet throw away 1 trillion plastic bags a year.

Despite our impressive innovation, technological tact and expanding economy, we still only recycle 14% of plastics globally, and are clogging the oceans which kills its creatures which we eat.  If we don't change our consumer behaviour, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by weight.

the people

the people

the solution

the solution

It's up to us. My last two CEOs worked at a time on big business commitments to climate. Both tell woeful tales of boardrooms where NGOs pressure progress from policy, but politicians protract painfully until the people protest or participate. Basically businesses balk back, beckoning consumer comment before commiting

- and so nothing gets done.

Policy is progressing, but it is slow.

Businesses will be brought into line, but it is slow.

So we, the people, must promise to put on the pressure.

Although the issue is complex, our impact can be simple.

Stop contributing to the probem. Then share our stories. 

With all the resources, innovation, technology and social space we have, we, the public, the consumer, can make a huge dent in demand and so directly diminish supply.

It's not easy, it's slightly inconvenient, but with each other's supportt here, we can instigate and inspire a wide-spreading network of environmentalists enthusiastic about saving plastic. 

Commit to try, and encourage an entourage to join you!

policy with public pressure
pulling in the right direction

the pledge

the pledge


(plexus means network)

Of Perspicacious Planetary Patrons. And pledge to try our best to cut needless plastic out our lives and support each other on this important mission.


Join, pledge and commmit at a level to suit you:

 - Avoiding single use packaging


- A complete ban on new plastic

(almost impossible so around a 90% ban) 

  - Cutting out coffee cups & straws   

                   - Ditching plastic bags


      - Buying only in bulk


join in

join in



This September, why not join us....

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For the month of August, we had the awesome... 

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hints & tips

hints & tips

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straws & cutlery



dental care


From bags and storage to bamboo sporks, boobalou has some conscientious contraption to help. I got an epic little bamboo spork from here for £2. And they offer the option of plastic free, paper packaging.

Almost every office in the UK has a disturbingly large store of old worn out tupperware in some secret cupboard. So do Grandmas. It's strangely edifying collecting a mish-mash of sizes and shapes to store your sustenance. And saves any new packaging from finding its way into the oceans.


I've also been washing plastic bags and reusing them too.

Disasterous disposeable razors end up incinerated, in landfil or floating in the sea. Preserve is a US company tthat specialises in cosmetic tools made from 100% recycled yoghurt cups. 

Buy one from the Animal Aid website here in the UK:

Ok so make-up is pretty hard. Near on impossible without making it at home yourself. Buy best optionsinstead and recycle the packaging. Green People are an organic, UK based cosmetic company endorsed by the Soil Association who never test on animals. And some of their products come in card storage. 

Soapnuts sells cruelty-free, organic sustainable products produced in the UK. Their deoderant is lovely, and in a glass jar. Though there is a plastic lid, so you can reuse the jar later to make your own deoderant. 

Home-Made Deoderant

Ingredients: Baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil, essential oils

Recipie: Mix away until it reaches your preferred consistency.

It's not so hard. Avoid sandwiches, salads and sudden urges from supermarkets. Instead pack some fruit and nuts or visit the fresh aisles for edibles.

To stock up the cupboards and fridge search for your local 'whole food' shop using the internet and find retailers that sell bulk beans, pulses, nuts, vegetables and go fill up some old tupperware. Fair Shares in Elephand & Castle is GREAT, cheap, fun and deliciously less convenient.

Stopping snacking isn't necessay, just get innovative. Fry up some bananas, or grill some aubergine, oven some brocolli and take it for later. I've been whipping up hummus like there's no tomorrow and eating with bakery bread or carrots. 

Also, there are dirty, great big bags of nuts and dried fruits here. They tend to come organic and wrapped almost entirely in aluminium.

Avoiding a lifettime of plastic toothbrush disposal is easy. There's a zero-waste, carbon neutral bamboo toothbrush available on the market, and Preserve also make recycled plastic yoghurt cup toothbrushes too. 

Home-Made Toothpaste

Ingredients: Baking soda, pinch of salf, coconut oil, mint essential oil

washing stuff

Check out the local whole food shop where you can refill your ecover washing up liquid, soaps, sprays and laundry liquids. 

Or buy organic, vegan, biodegradable, sustainable and hypoallergenic soap nut fruits for natural laundry washing that is free from synthetics and toxic ingredients.




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