factory farming 


Compassion in world farmin --> https://www.ciwf.org.uk/media/3640540/ciwf_strategic_plan_20132017.pdf



Food Imports: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/feb/16/meat-imports-animal-welfare-standards


Red Tractor

The Red Tractor scheme, run by Assured Food Standards, certifies the food was produced in Britain and to certain quality standards for food safety, hygiene, and the environment, and reflects standard industry practice in the UK. Some of the standards benefit animal welfare by going beyond minimum legislation, such as prohibiting castration of meat pigs, a slightly reduced stocking density for meat chickens and the requirement for on-farm health and welfare monitoring. However in some circumstances the standards inadequately reflect the legislation, such as provision for manipulable material for pigs, and do not address welfare issues not reflected in legislation, such as confinement of sows during farrowing and permanent housing and tethering of dairy cows.

The Lion Mark

The Lion Mark appears on eggs and ensures they meet food safety criteria. However the standard generally only ensures minimum legislative requirements for animal welfare, so permits the use of ‘enriched cages’ for hens as well as barn and free-range systems. It guarantees the eggs were laid in Britain. 

Both the Red tractor and Lion Mark schemes also offer free-range production, so their logos may appear on free-range meat and eggs.

Freedom Food

Freedom Food is the RSPCA's labelling and assurance scheme dedicated to improving welfare standards for farm animals. The scheme covers both indoor and outdoor rearing systems and ensures that greater space, bedding and enrichment materials are provided. In addition, on-farm health and welfare monitoring is required and stunning and slaughter processes are specified. The standards offer a number of welfare benefits relative to standard industry practice and we recommend you look out for this logo when shopping or eating out.

Soil Association

Soil Association is one of the organic standards which offer many welfare benefits exceeding standard industry practice, including prohibiting confinement systems, ensuring bedding and/or environmental enrichment, ensuring free-range access with shade and shelter, specifying stunning and slaughter practices and monitoring welfare through outcome measures. Again, we recommend you look out for this logo when shopping or eating out.

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