Switch from the main, big six UK energy providers to a company that offers a green tariff and supports the clean energy revolution.  .



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The UK has less than 1% of the global population, yet we are one of the worst emitters environmentally damaging greenhouse gas per person worldwide. 


Our reliance on energy imports continues to rise and rise. We import 60% of our energy from abroad: gas comes through giant pipe lines that run under the seas, liquid gas is shipped over in huge supertankers, and coal comes in enormous sea liners. Over 20 countries supply us, bringing fuel that travels an average of 2,650 miles to keep our electricity flowing. 


However, it is not all doom and gloom, exhaust fumes and billowing plumes! Renewable energy is a growing part of our energy mix. But the industry needs our support. 

Big Corporations

The Big Six energy providers are British Gas, EDFEnergy, E.ON UK, npower, ScottishPower and SSE. They are repeatedly caught committing typical corporate injustices like lobbying green policies, randomly increasing costs, removing green tariffs, installing smart metres which make it difficult to switch,

Smart Metres​

Avoid installing a smart meters. You are within your rights to refuse, and they are not all they're cracked up to be. Having big corporations monitor the county's energy use will make it easier for them to increase costs and decrease quality.  

What can we do?


Switch energy providers!


Hopefully most people know that climate change is bad.  So the best thing you can do is to switch to one of the UK's green energy providers. They will ensure that the energy that powers your home comes from renewable sources.


There are loads of cool ones, like awesome, altruistic green banks and building societies. Living 'eco' is just about honing in on all our common behaviours and ethically editing each one of them. And energy is a good one to get on given the disastrous nature of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Switching is . . .

. . .  cheaper than you think. - green deals account for half of the 10 cheapest energy options​. 

. . . easier than you think. You literally just call your chosen company and they sort it. 

. . . better than you think. It is a massively much needed boost to the renewable economy and keeps us moving in a green direction.

Good Energy is pretty banging. They're definitely the good guys. They offer 100 per cent solar, wind and hydro powered electricity, and 6 per cent green gas - though any emissions their gas generates for customers is balanced by their carbon-reduction schemes. 


They support more than 800 small, independent generators across Britain, whilst developing their own renewable projects -  it owns and operates two wind farms and four solar farms site already, though more solar are in the pipeline.

Good Energy went from second place to -10th place in customer satisfaction this year., due to bills not matching meter readings, higher-than-expected direct debits and website problems. However, 97 per cent of compaits were resolved within 8 weeks. 

Ecotricity are also good guys. And their CEO is a badass. He has built the electric vehicle pathway along motoways and through cities.


His company Ecotricity offers 100 per cent green electricity - generating a fifth from its own wind power turbines, and 12 per cent green gas, though they're also building their own gas factories. They have no shareholders and uses its profits to fund the building of new green-energy projects.


Ecotricity have been particularly pro-active in building new power sources for renewable energy – which helps increase the amount of renewables available to the UK market, and they also support micro-generation projects. They have a football team with a vegan menu, organic pitch and a panoply of awesome community outreach vibes.

Ecotricity came ninth out of 31 energy companies for customer satisfaction. It beat all the 'big six' energy providers. 


Green Energy offers 100 per cent renewable electricity and gas. they are very small but very much worth contacting for a quote! I just can't find a lot of coverage on them so am not able to fully advocate. 

Ovo Energy has a tariff that includes 100 per cent renewable electricity and 50 per cent renewable gas from biomethane - and for the other 50 per cent, they support carbon off-setting projects . Plus they plant 5 tree for every customer and haven a Foundation which offers other social and environmental projects. 


Green Star Energy offers 100 per cent renewable electricity and works with reforestation projects to improve its customers' carbon footprint. It scores higher than all the big six in customer satisfaction. 

Bulb offers 100 per cent renewable electricity from independent suppliers and 10 per cent renewable gas.

Solarplicity also gives customers 100 per cent renewable electricity.


People's Energy is a brand new 100 per cent renewable electricity company. They reinvest their profits back into their community.  




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