I'm in conversation with you so sudden, I've stopped my chaotic spin.

I was loose in the Universe just then, but now it's you I'm interested in. 


I'm in conversation with you right now, and first I'm reading your body contours.

 I'm dissecting your demanour, do you mean me to see what it's all for?


The vorticies of your vocal sounds spinning off in sacred spirals.



I'm in a conversation with you at present, and I'm starting straight into your face.

Observing the curving of your eyes as they glisten and roll with haste.


The glaze of your gaze from those wet round balls can become unneving. 

It's wierd, looks more odd by the second it's almost alien affirming.


I'm encaptivated by your iris irridescent in its socket

I'm caught on cascading corneas, locking onto mine like rockets.


I can experiment with the extent to how far my ears are lent,




Cuz it's amazing what you can hear if you hold your breath and only listen

This one


I exist on the cusp of your next comment

Already analysing what you meant. 




The movement of your mouth is marvellous

as it collapse round your words,

They drizzle over your lips like stardust 

illuminating what I've heard.


Your dulcet diction leaves no trace of friction,

The definition of sonourous.

I could listen to your words until the end,

Conversation to honour us. 


And accompanying this concerto, is that little curving of your lip,

I linger there like a lost lamb, digging my toes into the dip

The pressure of your expression is like a vacuum for my soul, 

I was lost for a sharp second there, in felicitous folds. 


And sometimes I wondered halfway from the pathway of your thoughts.

I didn't leave myself a lavish leftover 

The plunder of your prettiness, it'syour fault, your beauty had me caught,

'Yes of course I'm listening,' Harder than any other time,

I'm giding like a sunkissed surfer on the waves of your mind. 


Yeah, I know. We've got to go. We can't do this forever. 

But before we depart I"m scanning hard, this memory is my endeavour.

Cause when I'm present in your presences it's a present for my existence.

And when you melt back into the world, your voice rings as my subsistence. 






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